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Welcome to Fit's Yoga Challenge Group.

I’ll post a photo of the challenge on FitSugar.

Then you have someone take a picture of your trying the pose.

Click on "Create & Share!"

Then click on "Blog."

Type in a Title and some keywords like "yoga," or "challenge."

Underneath where it says "Body," click on the pink words that say "Add Image" underneath the box to upload your photo.

Type some words to go along with your photo if you want and then click "Submit."

I’ll pick my favorite and feature your photo in an upcoming post, turning you into a famous guru. Well, not exactly... but you will surely impress you friends and that is the first step toward stardom.

You can also send ME Yoga Challenges and I'll post picture of myself giving it my best shot.

Hey - whatever happened to the challenges?

Posted By Yogaforlife on Jan 14, 2010 at 10:44AM

Hey, I love yoga and would love to see new poses I haven't tried yet.  Can we get these yoga challenges started again?  Even if I can't find someone to take a picture of me, I'd still love to try them.

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Posted By keriglassman on Oct 27, 2009 at 10:22AM

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Fabulous Yoga DVD

Posted By ModrnHippe on May 26, 2009 at 12:25PM

When I signed up for a gym membership for Pure Fitness in Tempe, AZ, I was excited to see they offered yoga classes. Little did I know I was taking classes by a wonderful instructor by the name of Zuzanna. After the first class I took with her, she asked all her students to sign up if they wanted to be added to her email list. I put my name down and thanked her for a great class. A month later I got an email from her saying she was leaving Pure Fitness and would be teaching yoga at a spa in Scottsdale and all her followers could come check out the spa and have a week free of classes. I jumped on this opportunity since I was really seeing improvements in my flexibility and had fallen in love with listening to her voice take me through my workout.
After a couple months of taking classes at the spa, I ended up moving out to CA but conveniently before I moved Zuzanna came out with a yoga DVD that has kept me in my yoga shape since!

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search for yoga book

Posted By jennIRL on Dec 10, 2008 at 8:44AM

years ago, i had this wonderful yoga book that had poses organized by what you wanted to accomplish -- balance, flexibility, strength, focus, etc. it also had lovely black and white photographs. it was lost some time ago, and i haven't been able to find it since -- mostly because it's so hard to find a yoga book when you don't know the author, and they're all titled the same thing. has anyone else ever used this book or something like it? i'd really love to find it again!

YOGA VIDEO: Standing Hand to Big Toe A

Posted By Fitness on Jul 6, 2007 at 10:27AM

Here's a video showing how to get into the latest YOGA CHALLENGE called Standing Hand to Big Toe from a Standing Forward Bend. (I love this trick!)

If it's too hard to lift your leg and keep it straight, just bend your knee and then once you're balanced, you can work on straightening your lifted leg.

Don't forget to post photos of you trying this pose here in the YOGA CHALLENGE group. Here's how to post your photos.

Standing Hand to Big Toe

Posted By kevindineen on Jul 2, 2007 at 9:28AM

This is one of my favorite balancing poses. It really stretches out my hamstrings and feels good on my lower back...

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YOGA CHALLENGE: Standing Hand to Big Toe A

Posted By Fitness on Jun 20, 2007 at 2:30PM

Here's the latest Yoga Challenge for you to try.

Sanskrit name: Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana A
English translation: Extended Hand to Big Toe Pose
Also called: Standing Hand to Big Toe A

This balancing pose is great because it's a lot less scary than balancing inversions like the last challenge called Double Arm Headstand. This pose stretches out the hamstrings, shoulders, and encourages a long and extended spine. There are actually four variations to this pose, and this is the first one, hence the "A" at the end of its name.

If you are new to this pose, first work on balancing on one foot - don't worry if your knees are bent. After you've gotten the hang of that, work on straightening your left leg first, and then your right.

Don't Forget! Get a friend to snap a picture of you doing it. Then go to the YOGA CHALLENGE group. If you aren't already a member, click on the word "Subscribe" on the left-hand side under the black & white photo. If you're not sure how to post your picture to the group, check out this explanation. I'll choose my favorite and post it right here on FitSugar.

If you want to hear how to get into this pose, then read more

YOGA VIDEO: Trick for Going from Bound Headstand to Double Arm Headstand

Posted By Fitness on Jun 6, 2007 at 4:18PM

Here's a cool trick to go from Bound Headstand to Double Arm Headstand without letting your feet touch the floor!

Don't forget to post photos of you trying out Double Arm Headstand here, in the YOGA CHALLENGE group - I'll choose my fave and post it on FitSugar.

YOGA CHALLENGE VIDEO: Double Arm Headstand Against a Wall

Posted By Fitness on Jun 5, 2007 at 9:23AM

If the latest YOGA CHALLENGE seems tough, you can work on Double Arm Headstand against a wall. Here's how...

Don't forget to post photos of you trying out this pose here, in the YOGA CHALLENGE group - I'll choose my fave and post it on FitSugar.

YOGA CHALLENGE VIDEO: Double Arm Headstand

Posted By Fitness on Jun 4, 2007 at 7:20PM

Hey all you yogis and non-yogis out there.

The latest YOGA CHALLENGE is called Double Arm Headstand. Take a picture of yourself and post it in the YOGA CHALLENGE group. Can't wait to see..